Article Release: Boundaries & Wellbeing

Over the last few months, I’ve received new opportunities to expand my work by writing for more websites. I’ve been meaning to share each piece as they’ve posted, but as can be seen I’ve fallen more than a little behind on that plan! I’m happy to finally get one up to share now, though, especially because the timing seems just right.

Earlier this year, I was brought on as a contributor at a local resource for parents, Milwaukee Mom. I was very excited to be included in such an interesting and inspiring group of writers! Though we contribute pieces monthly, they aren’t always posted right away. It just so happens, though, that both of the pieces I’ve submitted so far have made it on to the site already! Today, I’m sharing the most recent one with you.

Moms, We Need To Take Our Boundaries Seriously… Our Wellbeing Depends On It.

As we began to near the end of a year like no other, I found myself thinking a lot about plans, rules, and boundaries. I thought back to when the pandemic started affecting our daily lives last spring. I remembered how I’d worked to create and communicate constantly evolving routines, in hopes of helping my family and our friends navigate our new normal — in a way that would keep both our health and happiness in tact.

Half a year later, my confidence in it all was fading. Like so many others, fatigue to the situation overall was hitting me hard. I knew that some time soon I would need to invest even more energy into figuring out what would best to set us up for the boundaries and the flexibility we need.

This piece submitted to Milwaukee Moms is the result of that exercise. I hope you find it helpful on your own journey. If you do, please consider liking, commenting, and sharing it with your circles. These days often feel like we’re enveloped by the challenge of a lifetime, but I sincerely believe that we can face anything that comes our way as long as we share, listen, and learn from one another.

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