Let’s Share Just Got More Beautiful — and More Accessible!

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The Let’s Share series has gotten a makeover! After much exploration, experimentation, and feedback, new cover designs have been released for each book in the inclusive and diverse social emotional wellness series. (And that’s just half the news!)

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Article Release: Holiday Season Blues

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my first share of a piece I wrote for another website. I’m so thankful to be able to share other projects with you like this. I actually have another post to share now, and it’s extremely timely.

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A Holiday Story Is All About Love!

Let’s Share! A Holiday Story is now available on paperback and ebook, joining the Hair, Superhero, and Hope stories in the Let’s Share! series. And as usual, the ebooks remain free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

A Holiday Story was an easy one to tell… Because it’s my story! At some point or another I’ve occupied every point on the spectrum from Grinch and Scrooge to whomever you consider their polar opposites. (See what I did there?!) Thinking about what and how my family may choose to celebrate at any given time, I realized there were tons of books out there about many different holidays… But I couldn’t find any about the idea that regardless of what you do personally, there’s enough joy, fun, and love to go around when you welcome diversity and inclusion into your home and heart.

So… I wrote one! I hope you enjoy it. It’s extra special to me (and it’s my mom’s favorite, too)! You can find out more in the description and links below. Please take a look, and take a moment to share with your loved ones.

Thank You! And Happy Holidays!

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Article Release: Boundaries & Wellbeing

Over the last few months, I’ve received new opportunities to expand my work by writing for more websites. I’ve been meaning to share each piece as they’ve posted, but as can be seen I’ve fallen more than a little behind on that plan! I’m happy to finally get one up to share now, though, especially because the timing seems just right.

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The Anti-Hate Book You Didn’t Know You Needed

Let’s Share! A Hope Story is now available (and once again, the ebook is free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers!)

Looking back on the evolution of this book fills me with so many emotions. I began writing it in November of 2016. Savvy readers will probably realize just what prompted my mind locking on to this topic. Yes, after the election that saw the selection of an individual who did little to hide his contempt for certain kinds of people, I painfully wondered how I could possibly explain to my child why certain rhetoric and behaviors were deemed acceptable by so many in our country. It was not an easy process. In the end, however, I found peace in the words I urged myself to write, to believe, and to share with others.

A lot has changed since that time, and not in the way that I’d hoped. Looking back, I can’t help but feel that the challenge we face now have grown exponentially. And while that makes believing in hope that much harder, it also makes it that much more necessary. With that in mind, I am happy to bring you Let’s Share! A Hope Story. Because we need it more now than ever! For ourselves, our children, our communities, and our country. Please see the description below for details — and then blast it out into the universe for as many loved ones and strangers alike to feel its warmth.

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