Article Release: Holiday Birthday Babies!

It’s my birthday week! It’s my birthday week! It’s my birthday week!

I know I’m not the only one with a birthday that tends to get lost in the shuffle of some special season or another! Please consider this article a reminder to check in on all of the holiday babies in your life — and help them feel extra important this year!

Hey, Holiday Babies: I See You!

While we’re on the topic of feeling the love… I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to ask for your help! My wish is for all of my friends, family, and fans to mark the occasion of my birthday this year with renewed help and support of my pursuits as an independent author, illustrator, and publisher!

Here’s how…

There a lots of ways you can help me build my business and spread my message, many of which are absolutely free. Please take a look a the short list below and consider doing one or more of these things as your personal birthday gift to me. It may only cost you a few minutes, but for me the impact is truly priceless!

  1. Leave reviews on Amazon for any purchases you’ve already made.
  2. Leave a review on my facebook author page reviews section.
  3. Make my facebook author page a favorite so you don’t miss any posts when you’re logged in.
  4. Engage (like/comment/tag/share) with social media posts so the sites show you and others my posts more often.
  5. Tell a friend — any friend, any day, in any way!

Thank you so much for joining me this journey. Words fail me when I try to describe just how intensely surreal this year has been. I can’t even imagine what the next one will bring!

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