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Shawnta writes children’s picture books with social and emotional learning (SEL) themes that not only support self-love and self-care, but also promote diversity and inclusion, because what we see around us colors what we see within us! Keep scrolling to see what Shawnta’s been working on!

Let’s Share a Hair Story

Let’s Share a Hair Story is a multicultural children’s picture book with adorable illustrations and rhyme, featuring people of color pursuing different professions and passions — all with big smiles and so many styles! While it’s about hair, it’s also about so much more… It’s about knowing you have choices. It’s about loving yourself and others. It’s about dreaming and believing that you can do anything! Written in celebration of children of color whose beauty and pride deserve to be honored and explored, and perfect for anyone who wants to bring more depictions of diverse characters into their book collections.

Let’s Share a Superhero Story

Let’s Share a Superhero Story is a rhyming children’s picture book featuring inclusive illustrations with a diverse range of skin tones and styling. A Superhero Story is about pushing past difficult feelings to find inner power and peace. Beginning with relatable examples, it engages and empowers children to acknowledge challenging situations and emotions. It goes on to show how taking a moment to stop, breathe, and visualize can help you recognize, and remember, that you already possess the qualities and abilities you need to overcome any obstacle. We all have an inner superhero!

Let’s Share a Hope Story

Let’s Share a Hope Story is a diverse and inclusive picture book designed to bring messages of understanding and promise to readers of many ages and stages. It doesn’t matter if we’re by ourselves or surrounded by others, everyone feels alone sometimes. There are lots of reasons we face these feelings, and there may be just as many ways to overcome them. While we consider and process isolating circumstances and emotions, it’s important that we remember that there are always people out in the world who care about us – and if we don’t feel like we know them already, we have got to believe that we will find them someday!

Let’s Share a Holiday Story

Holidays present wonderful opportunities to teach kids more about diversity and inclusion. A Holiday Story is about recognizing and accepting the wide range of celebrations among communities and individuals alike. What makes it unique is that it focuses on feelings and behaviors associated with inclusion as a whole, as opposed to specific holidays, celebrations, or observances. It can serve as a special introduction to the topic for young children, a conversation starter for older students beginning to develop research skills, and a fun, colorful, inclusive way to connect at any age or stage.

Let’s Share a Hero Story (Coming Soon)

Just like books, songs are often near and dear to our hearts as we grow up. Let’s Share a Hero Story is lyrical piece inspired by the popular classic, You Are My Sunshine. However, in stark contrast to the melancholy of the original, A Hero Story is an uplifting poem about love, support, fear, and hope. It’s also about sometimes being apart, but always feeling together. Whether read traditionally, or sung in tune, it offers a beautiful way to kick off a great day, to prepare for a good night, and to create a special moment.

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