Article Release: Choosing Positive Language

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A few years ago, I worked on what turned out to be a very special article.

Even now, I continue to see people sharing it around social media – friends, contacts, and even family who don’t realize it’s my name in the byline!

15 Ways to Bring More Positive Language into Your Classroom and School

Though the article has a bit of an education focus, the tips are applicable in all kinds of situations. Whether at home or work — with kids or adults — we can all find ways to practice using more positive language!

Writing this piece was an important opportunity for me. It is the most collaborative freelance project I’ve worked on to date. I got great direction from my editor as she collected input from others and provided feedback to me. My finished article was also used to create an illustrated companion chart! The free printable is still available to download in the original post on WeAreTeachers, so make sure to grab it for yourself!

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