A Holiday Story Is All About Love!

Let’s Share a Holiday Story is now available, joining the Hair, Superhero, and Hope stories in the Let’s Share series!

A Holiday Story was an easy one to tell… Because it’s my story! At some point or another I’ve occupied every point on the spectrum from Grinch and Scrooge to whomever you consider their polar opposites. (See what I did there?!) Thinking about what and how my family may choose to celebrate at any given time, I realized there were tons of books out there about many different holidays… But I couldn’t find any about the idea that regardless of what you do personally, there’s enough joy, fun, and love to go around when you welcome diversity and inclusion into your home and heart.

So… I wrote one! I hope you enjoy it. It’s extra special to me (and it’s my mom’s favorite, too)! You can find out more in the description and links below. Please take a look, and take a moment to share with your loved ones.

Thank You! And Happy Holidays!

A book about the holidays that doesn’t mention any holidays?! That’s right! It’s time for a new take on the holidays, one that empowers us to come together like never before.
Let’s Share a Holiday Story is a different kind of holiday book, for children and families from all walks of life!
Holidays present wonderful opportunities to teach kids more about diversity and inclusion. A Holiday Story is about recognizing and accepting the wide range of celebrations among communities and individuals alike. What makes it unique is that it focuses on feelings and behaviors associated with inclusion as a whole, as opposed to specific holidays, celebrations, or observances. It can serve as a special introduction to the topic for young children, a conversation starter for older students beginning to develop research skills, and a fun, colorful, inclusive way to connect at any age or stage.
Part of the inclusive Let’s Share social and emotional wellness series, A Holiday Story opens eyes, minds, and hearts while inviting readers to learn more about each other. This memorable gift is perfect for everyone:

  • Whatever you celebrate, or traditions you create…
  • If known by many, or hardly any…
  • Whether you observe one, some, or even none…

It’s all about love!

Let’s Share a Holiday Story is available on Amazon as well as other retailers. Check the Let’s Share series page for all purchase options.

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