The Anti-Hate Book You Didn’t Know You Needed

Let’s Share a Hope Story is now available!

Looking back on the evolution of this book fills me with so many emotions. I began writing it in November of 2016. Savvy readers will probably realize just what prompted my mind locking on to this topic. Yes, after the election that saw the selection of an individual who did little to hide his contempt for certain kinds of people, I painfully wondered how I could possibly explain to my child why certain rhetoric and behaviors were deemed acceptable by so many in our country. It was not an easy process. In the end, however, I found peace in the words I urged myself to write, to believe, and to share with others.

A lot has changed since that time, and not in the way that I’d hoped. Looking back, I can’t help but feel that the challenge we face now have grown exponentially. And while that makes believing in hope that much harder, it also makes it that much more necessary. With that in mind, I am happy to bring you Let’s Share a Hope Story. Because we need it more now than ever! For ourselves, our children, our communities, and our country. Please see the description below for details — and then blast it out into the universe for as many loved ones and strangers alike to feel its warmth.

Mistrust… Suspicion… Hate… If these feelings fill your mind and body with stress and anxiety, imagine experiencing them as a child! Kids perceive so much more, so much earlier than we realize. So why not start talking with them as early as possible about adversity and diversity? About feeling below but rising above? About being different, being awesome?

Let’s Share a Hope Story is a diverse and inclusive picture book designed to bring messages of understanding and promise to readers of many ages and stages. It doesn’t matter if we’re by ourselves or surrounded by others, everyone feels alone sometimes. There are lots of reasons we face these feelings, and there may be just as many ways to overcome them. While we consider and process isolating circumstances and emotions, it’s important that we remember that there are always people out in the world who care about us – and if we don’t feel like we know them already, we have got to believe that we will find them someday!

Part of the inclusive Let’s Share social and emotional wellness series, A Hope Story aims to continue to engage and empower readers. Broaching sensitive topics alongside endearing characters and heartfelt verse, it serves as a gentle conversation starter and remarkable gift to help withstand:

  • Mistrust… with confidence.
  • Suspicion… with knowledge.
  • Hate… with love.

Whether enjoyed alone, with a partner, or in a group read-aloud (online, in school, at home, or anywhere!), Let’s Share a Hope Story offers opportunity after opportunity for connection, recognition, and appreciation. Through empathy, compassion, and kindness, A Hope Story helps us feel seen, lifted, and united by reminding everyone that someone will always be there.

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