It’s Here! It’s Finally Here! Let’s Share A Hair Story!

Let’s Share a Hair Story is finally here! Paperback and ebook versions became available on July 1st. Within days it was a #1 New Release in multiple categories, hitting a high #12 Best Seller in Hair Care & Styling. So what’s all the fuss about? Here’s the book description that had friends and strangers alike ready to take a closer look at Let’s Share a Hair Story

Awe. Inspiration. Wonder. Watch these feelings soar when you share this fresh and fun children’s book, full of representation and affirmation for people of color, and exploration and appreciation for everyone to enjoy.

Let’s Share a Hair Story is a multicultural children’s picture book with adorable illustrations and rhyme, featuring people of color pursuing different professions and passions — all with big smiles and so many styles! A Hair Story is written in honor of kids of color (both girls and boys!) whose beauty and pride deserve to be honored and explored. It’s about hair, but it’s also about so much more… It’s about knowing you have choices. It’s about loving yourself and others. It’s about dreaming and believing that you can do anything! 
Part of the inclusive Let’s Share social and emotional wellness series, A Hair Story encourages BIPOC and allies to celebrate and explore together. A beautiful gift, this book is a simple yet powerful way to contribute to:

  • More diverse libraries, inclusive classrooms, and empowering schools.
  • More understanding relationships, supportive communities, and successful futures.
  • More nurturing environments, caring homes, and mindful lives.
  • More self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love.

Admiring the beauty, versatility, possibility, and wonder of communities of color, Let’s Share a Hair Story invites readers of all ages and backgrounds to lift each other up with important messages about expression, esteem, and empowerment. Whether a cultural interpretation, a creative decision, or something else entirely — take joy in the many ways people of color can express themselves, and in all that they can be!

Let’s Share a Hair Story is available on Amazon as well as other retailers. Check the Let’s Share series page for all purchase options.

It’s been exciting and heartwarming to witness how A Hair Story is connecting with so many audiences. Words literally can’t express how thankful I am to everyone who has been a part of this project!

Ongoing support This early success and ongoing support have been motivating forces in propelling my next project forward. Let’s Share a Superhero Story is in the illustration phase, and I’m really enjoying what I’ve been able to create so far. I look forward to sharing this next piece in the Let’s Share series this August. See what other pieces are in the works on my Books page, and join my list, follow my Amazon profile, or find me on social media to stay even more in the loop.

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