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  • Professional Book Bio (~45 Words)
    Shawnta Smith Sayner writes adorable children’s picture books featuring multicultural illustrations and heartfelt rhyme. With an approach dedicated to supporting self-love, self-care, diversity, and inclusion, her Let’s Share series empowers us to communicate, care, and connect! Discover and explore more at http://www.shawntasmithsayner.com.
  • Professional Background Bio (~65 Words)
    Shawnta Smith Sayner is an educator, caregiver, and lifelong learning advocate who supports students, faculty, and families alike, working in schools and traveling as a guest speaker. Known for WeAreTeachers’ “15 Ways to Bring More Positive Language into Your Classroom and School,” Shawnta’s passions extend to wellness, diversity, and inclusion support throughout the community. Shawnta lives with her beautifully multicultural family near Milwaukee, WI.
  • Professional Background & Book Bio (~65 Words)
    Shawnta’s corporate career in professional development ignited a commitment to lifelong learning which only grew stronger when she began working with children. Her writing addresses crucial topics like loving ourselves, helping others, overcoming challenges, celebrating diversity, and championing inclusion – in a way that makes them accessible, understandable, and engaging for even the youngest learners. Shawnta lives with her beautifully multicultural family near Milwaukee, WI.
  • Personal & Family Bio (~85 Words)
    Shawnta is a corporate cubical warrior turned caregiver, educator, and author. In her family of three, she, her husband, and their son enjoy escaping into screens, games, and the written page. The dreadlocked mama, bearded daddy, and never-shave-off-my-mohawk-again kiddo also clearly take their hair commitments as seriously as they do their next game night. Shawnta and her boys are lifelong Wisconsinites. When Shawnta is on her own (and not working on her next book), she enjoys Wordscapes, YA series, and most of Netflix.
  • Personal & Professional Background Bio (~200 Words)
    An extroverted introvert and creative left-brainer, Shawnta is no stranger to paradoxes. A lifelong Wisconsinite, she was born in The City, bussed to The Suburbs, and raised very much in both. Shawnta and her husband met in their teens, married in their 20s, and became parents in their 30s, and built a basement Nerd Cave in their 40s. After over a decade of collecting experience and credentials in human resources and professional development, Shawnta switched gears to spend the newborn to preschool years at home with their son. During this time, she started blogging, and eventually began writing, illustrating, and publishing a series of inclusive children’s picture books. When Shawnta did reenter the workforce, she chose to work with kids rather than return to her corporate roots. Though she may be Mom to an “Only,” her early childhood and school support work gifted her with worlds of backgrounds, lifestyles, challenges, and triumphs throughout countless communities, providing further inspiration for her work as an author. On the home front, when it’s Family Time for the Sayners, their greatest hits involve outdoor cooking, road tripping, watching and playing games of all sorts, and making their way through one epic movie franchise after another.


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